Getting Started

Thanks for buying Merchify! This documentation will cover the basics like how to change things like the colors and typography. If you have any questions, you can always reach out to our support team via
How do I link my Printful account to this project and start adding products?
How do I change colors?
How do I change the body text?
How do I change heading and paragraphs?
How do I add my own pages?
To add your own pages, follow these steps:
  • Go to the 'pages' tab and click the 'add new page'-icon in the top right corner
  • Give your page a name and click the 'create' button
  • With your new page created and open, add a 'Navbar Big' symbol to your page
  • Then add the "Page Heading" symbol and unlink it
  • Move everything outside the div
  • Delete the empty div you're left with
  • Add a "Footer" symbol
  • You have now added a new page with a page heading and a section with container in which you can now start adding your own content
How do I add a live Instagram feed
You can add a live Instagram feed with the free Elfsight widget. First add a new section element and give it the 'Section' class. Then add a div block inside the section and give it the 'Container' class. Then follow this Webflow tutorial to see how you can add the live feed inside the Container div block.
How do I choose which the product I want to show on Home V1?
  • Select the collection list inside page section's container
  • Go to the 'ecommerce' tab on the left and select the product you'd like to be showcased
  • Copy the title
  • Go to the 'settings' tab on the right and paste the product title in the 'if name is equal to' filter
  • Then, go to the 'navigator' tab on the left (Z) and select the 'popup wrapper' div
  • Go down a few levels until you find the collection lists inside the 'Tabs Content' div and click on the firts one
  • Copy the product name inside the 'if name is equal to' filter, which is located inside the 'settings' tab on the right. This will make sure the correct size guide is loaded for your particular product
  • Do the same for the other collection list
  • You have now successfully chosen your showcased product